10 Most Expensive Animals in the World, Start from $16 Million

10 Most Expensive Animals in the World, Start from $16 Million

boisetaxicompany.com – Animals are one of the most loyal creatures in the world. Besides being adorable and the most admired beings on earth, they can also be one of the most expensive too. These animals usually have different feathers, different colors, motifs or even rare shapes. The most expensive animals in the world are found in many parts of the African and European continents.

Here are 10 most expensive animals around the world:

1. Green Monkey, $16 million

The green monkey is actually a horse and not a monkey. An expensive horse. The green monkey horse is very rare and expensive because of its speed and beauty. It’s widely used for horse racing and has a winning crown in many competitions. Reportedly, this animal ran an eighth of a mile in just under 9.8 seconds during his first race.

Just like humans, animals have an interesting history, maybe even more extensive, maybe even better than humans. As a racing horse, Green Monkey only entered the race three times before he retired. In fact, he could only end the race in 3rd place despite being the winner’s favorite. After retiring, this horse lived in Florida as a breeder male for only $66 million.

2. Missy, $1,2 million

Missy is a breed of cattle that is very expensive animals in the world. It’s because of his speed that he won several championships. Known to have won many titles as a show cow, she is said to produce 50% more milk than a regular cow. These cows are of high quality and of great standards especially in the agricultural industry.

3. Tibetan Mastiff, $582 thousand

Tibetan Mastiffs are one of the largest dogs in the world. The most attractive and expensive dog ever sold. This dog is rare and has colors such as black, red, gray, pure white and brown. The most amazing thing about this dog is that it does not have the unpleasant odor that is present in ordinary dogs.

4. Sir Lancelot Encore, $155 thousand

Sir Lancelot is actually the first clone dog, who was made in memory of an original dog named Lancelot. The couple who owned the dog were heartbroken after the death of their pet and decided to have him cloned.

5. White Lion Cubs, $138 thousand

White lion cubs are not like ordinary lion breeds. These animals have the same white pigmentation as their eye color. It is believed they are in a South African nature reserve. It is estimated that there are fewer than 300 species worldwide.

6. Stag Beetle, $89 thousand

The Stag Beetle is the rarest and strangest species in the world. These animals have blood-red mandibles and prominent horns hanging from their black heads.

This insect belongs to the Lucanidae family which consists of 1200 insect classes. This insect also has a length of about 2-3 inches, this is what makes this insect expensive.

7. Palm Cockatoo, $16 thousand

The Palm Cockatoo also known as the Goliath Cockatoo is a large gray or black parrot of the cockatoo family. It is the only member in the subfamily and the only member of the monotypic genus, Probosciger.

Its unique position in the cockatoo family has been confirmed by molecular studies. It has a unique red cheek patch that changes color when the bird is excited or worried.

8. Hyacinth Macaw, $14 thousand

This macaw is native to central and eastern South America. It’s the largest macaw and the largest flying parrot in the world. These animals have very strong beaks to feed on their natural diet, which includes hard seeds and nuts.

Its powerful beak can even crack coconuts, large Brazil nut pods, and macadamia nuts. In addition, they eat other fruits and vegetables. Pine nuts are also one of the most popular foods for Hyacinth Macaws.

9. De Brazza’s Monkey, $10 thousand

The De Brazza monkey looks very old and is the most expensive animal known in the world. It is also called the swamp monkey and its name comes from the French traveler.

These monkeys are hard to find because they have a very different and unique style of camouflage. Their life span is between 22 to 30 years. They live in Central Africa and they always travel in large groups.

10. Toucan, $10 thousand

These animals have large and colorful beaks and the family includes about forty different species.

The name of this group of birds comes from Tupi Tucana in Portuguese. The toucan’s legs are short and strong. Their toes are arranged in pairs with the first and fourth toes turned back. The majority of toucans show no sexual attraction in their coloration. The fur on these animals is generally black, with white, yellow, and dark red patches.